Club Estetic is an ideal organization by a group Estonians whose activity is in a club form. Our shared idea is to together celebrate our free time in activities like pub evenings, masquerade parties or concerts. Our events are formed according to our member's wishes. New ideas are always welcomed.


Our purpose is to contact Estonians living in Sweden. Every Estonian and/or friend to Estonia is welcome to us. We do not split our members into new Estonians or swed-Estonians (Estos). We do not categorize young or old, Estonian or non-Estonian. We are for every generation and culture.


At our events there is a good chance to find new contacts and new friends. History has shown that members have found friends, new business partners, entrepreneurs and life-partners.


Club Estetic is one of the few international Estonian organizations that have a growing number of members. Become a member you to!


Club Estetic works and is located at the Estonian House in Stockholm.


When You want to apply for membership please follow these steps:


1.     Accept our terms

2.     Fill out an application form, sign it, and bring it to one of our events

3.     Pay the membership fee, 100 SEK/year, at one of our events or to Plusgiro 54 52 17-2


If you want to subscribe to our newsletter, or contact Club Estetic, send us an e-mail: